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Document Control Services

Within all organisations there are key documents that control the way work is done. From corporate policies to low-level work instructions, these documents allow an organisation to ensure quality, compliance and repeatable outcomes. Simply put, having readily accessible, current and correct documentation is a requirement for business activities to be performed efficiently, accurately and safely.

Common in engineering and construction fields, document control is also valuable for organisations seeking ISO 9001 compliance or with regulatory reporting requirements. Any organisation with safety critical documentation knows that, to minimise risk to their personnel, it must be kept up-to-date and available to those who need it, when they need it.

HAYES understands document control. We will help you develop and implement processes to govern the creation, review, approval, revision, distribution, storage, security and withdrawal of all your controlled documents. Our experienced document controllers will take responsibility for preserving the integrity of your document control framework by maintaining your documents through their lifecycle, facilitating changes of ownership and guiding the business on document control best-practices.

Key deliverables can include:

  • Process automation through document workflows

  • Electronic signatures and automatic PDF rendition generation

  • Controlled document tracking, reporting and dashboards

  • Controlled document templates with properties synchronisation

  • Implement and maintain a document control metadata model

  • Employ advanced version control

  • Demonstrate compliance with management standards for audits

  • Document control training and advisory services

how we can help 

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