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Records Management as a Service

Your organisation’s records are valuable assets. Having the right tools, processes and people in place to manage the ever-increasing volume of information is not only essential to meet legislative and regulatory obligations but will also help you move beyond compliance to make the information work for your business. Understanding what types information you have, their myriad sources, their various formats and how best to make use of them is critical to successful records management.

HAYES knows from experience that implementing and maintaining good records and document management practices will give your organisation the tools it needs to ensure accountability for business decisions, manage and minimise risk, and improve the efficiency of many business activities. The benefits of having meaningful, reliable and usable information quickly available when needed are tangible and achievable with HAYES.

Our qualified records management specialists will work with all levels of your organisation to design and implement records management processes, taxonomies, metadata and security models to meet your business requirements. HAYES will leverage the power of your OpenText™ Content Management system to automate repeatable tasks, provide interactive dashboards and drive user engagement through a seamless end-user experience.

Key deliverables can include:

  • Auditable compliance with federal, state, and local regulations

  • Establish and maintain policies and procedures

  • Develop a record keeping plan and business classification scheme

  • Improve efficiency and automate document-centric processes

  • Automate records classification

  • Defensible retention and disposal schedule

  • Disaster recovery strategies and protection of vital records

  • Effective electronic and hard copy records storage arrangements

  • Information discovery coordination, including for FOI requests and legal cases

  • Metadata management

  • Records management training and advisory services

how we can help 

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