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Business Intelligence Tools


The information explosion brought on by new applications, the internet and social business landscapes has brought with it a need to manage huge amounts of information to make immediate decisions.



Business Intelligence (BI) technologies and Big Data transform enormous stores of data, recorded in disparate systems across your business into meaningful, useful information.  BI solutions from HAYES, SAP, OpenText and Hitachi will help you interpret historical, current and predictive views of business operations to identify and develop new strategic opportunities.



HAYES continues to develop intellectual capital in business intelligence systems and strategies to unlock the value of information and drive further competitive advantage and long-term stability in your business.

how we can help 

Enterprise Content Management

Email, documents, pictures, videos and social media are all forms of communication

Document Control

Business disciplines rely on accurate information handling yet document control can sometimes be seen as a simple administrative task. 

Application and Systems Support

Effective support for personnel in the field experiencing a problem accessing information does not only affect business 

Project Management

Successful projects are delivered by people working together with clear goals.  Your personnel, partners, service providers and business stakeholders

OpenText Private Cloud and Archive

Cost reduction can be achieved by streamlining operations and out-sourcing services to organisations 

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