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Organisational Change Management

Predictable organisational change ensures collaborative stakeholder engagement, from project inception through to benefits realisation.

It is critical to retrospectively ensure business drivers were met and the organisation is empowered to realise the benefits or efficiencies derived from change brought on by technology driven automation and digitisation. 

Without Organisational Change Management, businesses fail to satisfactorily involve staff in surfacing the benefits of change to their area, capture the necessary data to understand true project success and staff engagement is typically low. 

With Organisational Change Management capability provisioned, business divisions are suitably informed of “what’s in it for them”, involved and typically don’t push back on change they clearly understand.

In many cases existing roles can change dramatically post change so it is necessary to effectively re-purpose time saved, towards strategic business initiatives by repeating organisational change management standards and collaborative delivery.

Organisational change as a Service

Though Organisational Change Management is usually considered and budgeted for large scale business change, smaller projects are left without suitable application of change capability.

With this in mind, working with our clients HAYES has built an Organisational Change Management as a service model.  Change as a Service.


Change as a Service provides predictable change management capability across the business for a fixed monthly fee with an optional facility to scale up or down as required.  Engaging our experienced team ensures change leadership is managed the same way, under same framework no matter how large or small your project.


Hayes Information Systems continues to invest in Organisational Change Management capability and expertise so our clients don’t have to.

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