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What we do

Digitisation and Automation

With decades of strategy experience and industry knowledge, we partner with our clients on a journey to understand the opportunities and threats digital transformation will bring to their business.

Records Management as a Service

Your organisation’s records are valuable assets. Having the right tools, processes and people in place to manage the ever-increasing volume of information is not only essential to meet legislative and regulatory obligations...

Enterprise Content Management

HAYES is committed to helping your information work for you. Organisations are faced with managing ever increasing volumes of information which can now be accessed and created in more formats than ever before.

Strategy and Stewardship

HAYES partners with clients to assist in the development of their information management strategy. We work as the custodian of stewardship with an ongoing focus on your information management strategy

Organisational Change Management

Predictable organisational change ensures collaborative stakeholder engagement, from project inception through to benefits realisation.

Application and Systems Support

Effective support for personnel in the field experiencing a problem accessing information does not only affect business efficiency or growth, there can be significant impact on safety.

Project Management

Successful projects are delivered by people working together with clear goals.  Your personnel, partners, service providers and business stakeholders are all critical to the successful deployment of any business initiative...



Cost reduction can be achieved by streamlining operations and out-sourcing services to organisations with better economies of scale and expertise than our own.

Document Control


Within all organisations there are key documents that control the way work is done. From corporate policies to low-level work instructions, these documents allow an organisation to ensure quality.

Business Intelligence Tools

The information explosion brought on by new applications, the internet and social business landscapes has brought with it a need to manage huge amounts of information to make immediate decisions.

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